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    There is opened free access to the Wi – Fi network for guests of the health complex “Raketa”.

    Welcome to the health complex “Raketa”!

    We have been working since 2006. The complex is located in 16 km from Minsk, on the shore of the reservoir Drozdy. The Krynitsa reservoir and the Zaslavskoe reservoir are located nearby.

    Clean air of mixed forest and magnificent views of nature will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a good base for excellent rest and recreation.

    The health complex “Raketa” is designed for 149 places. Five comfortable bedroom buildings have a large selection of rooms of various categories, equipped with a shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle. We are pleased to offer single, double and multi-bed rooms.

    Meals are served in the dining room with 200 seats on a customized menu 5 times a day. There is also a banquet menu in addition to the basic diets B, D, N, P. The banquet hall for 25 seats is separately located. The complex also has a buffet.

    Medical directions:

    • bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases in remission;
    • frequent colds: tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis;
    • diseases of allergic etiology: food and household allergies, skin dermatosis, pollinosis;
    • diseases of the nervous system in remission;
    • cardiovascular diseases in remission;
    • unstable immune system;
    • degenerative-destructive diseases of bones and joints of the I-II stages in remission (spinal osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis);
    • physical and emotional exhaustion, post-stress condition.

    We use the following methods of treatment:

    • speleotherapy is represented by 7 rooms with special ventilation system, the walls of which are lined with blocks of halite NaCL and sylvinite KCL, mined at the “Belaruskali” mines. A healing microclimate of salt mines was created here;
    • manual and apparatus massage therapy (“SYOGRA” couch), underwater massage shower (“AQUADELICIA” bath);
    • thermal therapy (warming turmanium ceramic mats);
    • ultrasound therapy;
    • phototherapy (bioptron therapy, local and general UV-therapy);
    • phytotherapy (various medicinal and vitamin teas);
    • electrotherapy (galvanization, electrophoresis, microwave therapy, local and general magnetic therapy, hematomagnetic therapy and local darsonvalization);
    • inhalations with antihistamines and bronchodilators, antiseptics, phytoncides, mineral water;
    • hydrotherapy (contrasting, ascending, circular showers) and baths (saline, mineral, vortex).

    All procedures are prescribed by a physiotherapist only after examination of general practitioner. We also have a dental office, where a qualified dentist can offer you a complete dental examination and treatment, prevention of caries, ultrasonic cleaning. Professional vertical turbo solarium and a beauty parlor, where various cosmetic services are provided to care for the face and neck skin, will allow you to look fantastic every day.

    The health complex “Raketa” includes a sports complex with swimming pool, gym, beauty parlors. The pool, where vacationers can take a complex of water procedures, is equipped with three 25-meter paths, two waterfalls, a hydromassage gun zone, and a sauna.

    In the beauty parlor you will be offered a wide range of procedures for face and body care:

    • massages and masks;
    • brushing;
    • ultrasonic cleaning and ultraphonophoresis;
    • mesotherapy, which smoothes wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity;
    • roller-vacuum massage for the face and body;
    • “Living Algae” and “Parafango” body wraps;
    • SPA procedures “Light Legs” and “Cotton Delight”;
    • waxing.

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.


    Beautifully decorated dishes and everything is very tasty! Thanks to the guys from the sports group! You are all so cool, thank you for your attention and support in the gym, skiing, swimming pool and sauna! I will definitely come back here! Good luck
    Everything was wonderful! Friendly staff, delicious food, professional massage therapist Sergey, great pool with sauna and many healthful procedures! Thank you all for your attention and professionalism.
    Hello! Rested in March 2016. It's great! I would particularly like to highlight administrator Valentina Mikhailovna dining room and maid of building # 2. Request: please put the ATM. Thank you!
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    Medical profile
    Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, Diseases of the nervous system, Diseases of the circulatory system, Diseases of the respiratory system
    Lake/river nearby, Swimming pool, Bar/cafe, Children's playground, Shop, Beauty saloon, Cinema hall
    Free Wi-fi
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